Dublin City University

Bsc Computer Applications & Software Engineering ( 2015 - Present)


Operating Systems

● Ubuntu
● MacOSX
● Windows

Programming Languages

● Python
● C
● Java
● Node


● Apache2
● Docker
● Git
● Bind9



A containerized web appi written with Python’s Flask and Flask-Socket-IO which allows two players to play the game scrabble online with shared resources. Source Code


A command line tool used to display room information and book and request rooms around DCU. Written to support both Python2 and Python3. Source Code


A command line tool written in Python3.6 for Redbrick. Used to book rooms for Redbrick events on the DCU campus, create the event on Facebook, and create the event on the Redbrick calendar, asynchronously. Source Code

Knights Path Problem

An implementation of the Knights Path Problem in Prolog for Logic Module in second year. Source Code


Redbrick DCU - Chairperson (April 2018 - Present)

As the chairperson of Redbrick, I act as the chief officer and spokesperson for the society at any event inside and outside of the university.

Responsibilities include officiating all meetings of the society, preserving the order and decorum of meetings, interpreting and/or enforcing the society constitution and managing the tasks of our 17 person committee.

SISTEM - Organiser (October 2017 - Present)

I am part of the intervarsity team that organised SISTEM (Students Inter Society Tech & Enterprise Meetup), Ireland’s largest tech & enterprise student meetup. As well as being a team member I was also a host on the day of the event.

All profits made from the event were donated to PyLadies Ireland. We are currently working towards a follow up which will take place in March of 2019.

Ballaghaderreen Coderdojo - Leader & Mentor (October 2017 - September 2018)

Until very recently, I was both a leader and a mentor at Ballaghaderreen CoderDojo.

At the beginning I mentored in Scratch but as the club grew and developed I moved to teaching Web Design and Python.

Redbrick DCU - Events Officer ( April 2017 - April 2018)

Tasked with the organisation of events, which included sourcing speakers/workshops, finding suitable locations to host, and communicating with. I also gave a few workshops/talks on various things to do with Linux and Python.

I was a driving force behind the organisation of SISTEM. I put together an intervarsity team and helped source workshops and speakers from various companies for the day itself.

Kilmovee Coderdojo - Mentor (January 2016 - June 2017)

I volunteered at Kilmovee CoderDojo as a mentor for almost a year and a half.
During this time i mainly taught Scratch along with some fundamentals of Web Design and basic Python.

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