08-11-2018 - Society Of The Week

Feather In The Cap

Redbrick won society of the week in DCU this week and that was a nice little nod indeed. It’s a nice way to show the committee (especially the newer members of the committee) that their efforts make the difference. The 17 people who make up the Redbrick committee are stellar people indeed. Yes, that’s correct, 17 people make up the Redbrick committee. Expanding the committee from 12 to 17 people is one of the best things Redbrick has done since I joined the committee. Burnout always happens, but by having more people on board we aim to reduce the burnout one gets when working as part of the Redbrick committee as best we can. The difference is evident, we are very productive across the board, and it’s still a bunch of fun as per usual!

This year Redbrick has thrived when compared events wise the past few weeks, and continues to at that. That’s very much because of all these people. They all have their own ideas about what the society can doing moving through the remainder of this semester and into the next one too. I’ll definitely write about a few of these things in time, some are quite exciting indeed. All I’ll say is - think one day Irish FOSDEM and open source Discord.


Turnout has been high (so far) for most Redbrick events this year. On a few occasions we’ve had attendance figures of high 30’s/low 40’s, and on one occasion we had an attendance somewhere in the mid 60’s! It’s been a little surreal, stuff I heard about Redbrick in years gone by.

Wednesday talks and HackerClub is a staple as always. We have, on occassion, had the odd comapny come in on a Monday too. Three events per week hasnt been that rare in Redbrick this year. One week we had four! That came about as we became the host and organiser of the only UKIEPC hub in the Republic of Ireland. I say we, but one of our Sys Admins, m1cr0man. is the one who deserves all the credit. He organised a fantastic day in all, and we very appreciative of his incredible efforts.

There are a few big events on the horizon. We are FOSDEM bound in February, so we’ve begun organising that already. We have an inter-society get together with Trinity Netsoc, DUCSS, UCD Netsoc, DIT Net/Compsoc, and SocIT. Location TBD, what has been determined is it will be great craic.

Up Next

Redbrick is doing a Git Workshop next Wednesday. I’m writing up the slides and I’ve enlisted the help of some wonderful volunteers in the form of berns, mulreac and m1cr0man to help out on the day. We have some more companies coming in over the next week week’s too, Tenable and Microsoft to name two in particular. Very excited about those talks.

We’ve passed the mid-point of the semester and we’ve had great success so far, here’s to hoping we are able to keep it up!

By James McDermott

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