21-09-2018 - My New Site


Well hello there. Welcome to my new site. That infers I once had an old site, and I did. jamesmcdermott.tech was where you would go to find my old site, but alas, the domain expired and I had no money. Coupled with this, I was a website made using Node, ExpressJS, Pug and… I think it was SCSS, but I can’t be sure of that.

So, when James ran into a little bit of money he decided to spend it on the most sensible thing he could. A nice little domain for himself. A fine purchase indeed, but there’s a method to the madness. If I committed to buying the domain (with hostingireland.ie for those interested), I knew that eventually I would stick up a website…

I got around to it after a little amount of time anyways, but I wanted to save myself all the hassle. Welcome to my brand new hugo website. It’s pretty plain and simple, not too much on the eye by any stretch.

What’s Left To Do?

Well at the time of writing, the gallery is completely empty. I’m not even sure what I’ll throw up in the gallery section. I guess I’ll just treat it as a “Didn’t make my instagram but are still semi-alright” section.

From the looks of things, it seems pretty easy for me to update the gallery, just a matter of figuring out what I put in it really. Making new blog posts is also really easy too, it’s a big plus in hugo’s books for me. Aside from adding more content to this site, I think I might play around with the styling of it. Yeah, it’s easy on the easy, but it’s missing something.

I’ll play around with the site in general for a while, whether or not I settle on any one look for a long period of time is still pretty up in the air.

So… What Am I Going To Write About?

I’ll probably spend most of my time writing about any projects I’m involved in. If I don’t write about that, I’ll be plauging you with my weekly Redbrick activities. September to May is the busiest time of the year for a student, so I’m sure there will be no significant lack of content.

The site you are currently staring at is hosted with Apache and there was quite a lot of shenanigans involved in getting it to run finally. Okay so maybe hugo isn’t the easiest after all, but I like how it looks, so that means I’m sticking with it for now.

The college semester starts next Monday in DCU. Looking forward to it, kind of missed college. That said, I’ll probably be singing a different tune this time next week.

By James McDermott

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