01-11-2018 - Five Weeks Later

Why The Hold Up?

It’s been well over a month, in fact it’s been five weeks since I last wrote something on this site. This isn’t due to how lazy I am, quite the opposite in fact. Third year is going great so far, weekly networking labs (3 hours long each), a large enough design project and a yet to be disclosed Human Computer Interaction project. Along with this, I’m working towards my Third Year Project, which is spread across to semesters. It’s a busy time, and that’s just on the academic side of things.

Outside Academic Life

There’s also Redbrick. I’m the Chair there, and the committee has put an insane amount of work there the past six weeks or so. We’ve hosted a UKIEPC hub (credit to m1cr0man), had Mastercard in for what can only be described as a series of lightning talks (probably my favourite event of our year thus far) and a bunch of weekly events (such as Intro To Linux, Linux Installfest) and workshops (the weekly HackerClub). On top of this we’ve had Accenture, Microsoft, and the aforementioned Mastercard in to give talks. A very busy time indeed, and the committee has been nothing short of stellar, they deserved some kind of award or something…

Third Year Project

Crazy busy, but that’s very much a good thing. Like I’ve stated, I’ve begun working on my third year project, check the blog site for that here. mulreac (Redbrick Helpdesk) and I are working on a user-friendly and interactive shell which makes the shell environment seem more familiar and less daunting to a beginner. We want to make a beginner’s introduction to the shell as easy as possible, hence the name ezsh (that’s pronounced ‘Easy Shell’). There’s not much else to report on that for now.

dcurooms v3.0.0

So I’ve been setting the site up for that and writing out project proposals. During this time I’ve started to neglect maintaining some of my own projects. Last week dcurooms was flagged as having a moderate enough security vulnerability in Python’s requests library. Nothing to bad, just need to change the version of requests dcurooms installs from 2.19.1 to 2.20.0. The real problem arose when I went to test it. I’d run a command with dcurooms and it would just hang forever. I had to insert many the print statement into the code to figure out where it was going wrong. Was it something like the ssl debacle? Nope, more so that the DCU Timetable system was down. In total I think it was down about two and a half days.

Kind of a drag, this rendered my code completely useless. There’s a potential fix on the way in regards to not being able to access the timetables if they go offline again. It probably will require something like this though. dcurooms v3.0.0 isn’t all that far away it seems!


So between the projects, assignments, Redbrick and improving dcurooms, there’s a lot for me to be at. I should probably get to managing my time a little more efficiently. Along with that, I think writing here will give me a good idea where I am at in regards to the current state of my academic projects, personal projects, and Redbrick. So because of that, I guess I’ll be writing here a lot more frequently on all of these things.

Hopefully I’ll just write at a more frequent rate than every five weeks.

By James McDermott

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