A Larder.io Command Line Interface!
· ☕ 2 min read
Larder is a bookmarking tool for developers. If you're like me an have a plethora of random bookmarks, Larder makes the the process of organizing these bookmarks simple. Larder supports categorizing and tagging your bookmarks.

Redbrick In Review: 2018-19
· ☕ 19 min read
It was always an intention of mine to document my tenure as Chairperson of Redbrick in some format, but I wasn't sure whether that would be in a series of weekly/monthly blogs, or just an end of year write up. As you can see, I have a penchant for laziness and have opted for the latter, as the former was just a little too time consuming.

Making SISTEM Happen
· ☕ 18 min read
Originally this was going to a thread on Twitter, nothing terribly fancy, just your regular everyday thread thanking everyone who helped out in regards to making SISTEM happen.I soon realised that I had a lot to get off my chest, and I knew that a simple thread wasn't going to do the event justice.

· ☕ 0 min read
A bunch of pictures I've taken over the years.